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Setareh Shab can offer a broad range of professional services including sea freight forwarding, road freight, rail freight, multimodal transport and project cargo forwarding, transportation insurance, as well as a variety of value adding services. Whether you are a cargo supplier, trading company or overseas buyers, the importance of selecting a competent and reliable freight forwarder becomes significant. We are a kind of carrier + forwarder company which paves the way to give the best service to our clients. By having long experience in serving to our clients in CIS countries, professional staff and best credit among our clients, we can build and keep long term business relationship and maintain our stance in market! With our specialized and trained staff, our goal is looking forward and revolutionizing freight industry. Our strength is our careful attention to personalized services in all details If you need any service or any rate to CIS countries or export /import via Iran, please kindly let us know.